The monotonous world of overused CV words


The monotonous world of overused CV words

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A survey suggests that the terms are so present in CVs that they have become utterly meaningless. These words include ‘hard-working’, ‘team player’ and ‘motivated’


It’s not easy to write the covering letter that goes with CVs. The ideas and feelings you want to express can seem so scripted they start to juxtapose the real meaning.  For example simply stating you’re ‘creative’ does seem rather to show the opposite. As well as creative, there are other lightly dished-out terms that are counter-productive. Too many people say they are an ‘excellent communicator’, quite often in a poorly written CV with spelling errors.”

Corinne Mills, managing director of Personal Career Management says

‘everyone you’ve ever met talks about themselves as a people person and says they can work dependently as well as part of a team’

To make sure you CV isn’t the same as everyone else’s that employers have read thousands of times candidates need to be honest and truthful, they also need to back up what they are saying rather than giving out cliches. They should give real examples around your achievements, anything that makes you stand out. Include things you are passionate about.

For example a person might be exceptionally hard-working,  they should give examples of this such as; hard working might be finishing a project with extremely tight deadlines that required them to work at weekends to get it finished. By giving an example it shows  some evidence about your conscientiousness.

Horzion online is here to help you avoid cliches, tailor your list of achievements to the job description and show your strengths without lying. If the truth is winkled out during the interview, you’ll never get the job. Well, almost never.

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