Useful Recruitment Links

Take a look at some of the websites below.  They provide a good resource tool to help you into work after the completion of your course.  It even lists some useful sites you can use to get some quick work while you’re training to help pay for the bills.  Feel free to drop us an email for further advice on recruitment matters at

Office Admin Recruitment Sites

IT and General Recruitment Sites

General Labour Recruitment Sites
Salima provide temp and part-time staff to events organisers.  The sorts of things you might do if you worked for Salima would include putting up chairs, tables and tents for events.  Because the jobs they offer are generally low-skilled, the recruitment process is quicker than more vocational roles providing you have the right paper work.

Ace Recruitment offer similar roles to Salima.

Although many of you will be familiar with this site, it does contain a lot of part-time and temping jobs that need to be filled quickly such as retail floor staff or bar staff.

Looking for part-time work?
Looking for part-time work?  This is one of the best websites for part-timers seeking work.  It’s used by students and current part-timers.  It has everything from retail work, admin and receptionist work, to gardening and cleaning jobs.

This site is specifically designed for students seeking part-time work.  It lists a whole range of different roles that can be filled quickly and with little experience.  Because most of the jobs on this site are placed by employers aware that students need to time to study, it is ideal for anyone seeking the flexibility to earn money on the side.

This link specifically focuses on London based part-time roles.  It has everything from ironing and driving jobs to data entry and retail jobs.

As you can guess, this site is specifically designed for working mothers trying to juggle a job and raising a family.  Some of the roles are entry-level, requiring little experience, whereas others are more skills based.  The roles advertised are based all throughout the UK.  Take a look at some of the vacancies to give you an idea of what’s available.

Looking for quick work?
Ever thought about working in a pub?  Most of us at some point in time have set foot in a pub, so the working environment isn’t all that unfamiliar to us.  The work involved is quite straightforward and generally requires very little training.  Applying isn’t that difficult either.  Most of the time it’ll involve a quick call to the bar manager to arrange an interview, then you can take it from there.  There’s always demand for bar staff in and around London, so take a look at this link to see what’s in your local area.

You’ll find a lot of temping and casual positions on this website.  Everything from waitressing, bar work, construction, cleaning, secretarial, and retail jobs can be found here.  Gumtree is one of the most well known websites for quick work.  It has helped thousands of people find employment and even launch some into their careers.

Like, TNT is another great website for anyone looking for quick work.  It lists a whole host of different jobs that can be filled quickly and require little experience.  In addition, you’ll find professional roles on the website too.  The website also acts as a great resource tool for anyone considering work abroad.  It lists overseas vacancies and advice on working in another country if you’re considering it in the future.

This site lists both professional and entry-level positions in the retail sector.  Some of the biggest names can be found here such as Selfridges, M&S, Boss, and Tesco.

As with, this site lists both professional and entry-level roles with some of the biggest names.  Take a look for yourself to see what’s on offer this week.