What is SQL?

Various different computer programs need to be able to store and retrieve data. Some of these applications include blogs, image galleries and databases. Blogs have to be able store the different posts made and need to be able to retrieve them whenever someone opens the blog. In a similar way image galleries store pictures and Read More

Top 10 most demanded skills in IT

List created by InfoWorld 1.Puppet “Open source has changed the technology landscape, and you’re seeing that in the skills that proliferate as well as the types of jobs employers are hiring for,” says Goli. “The more agile, flexible, and scalable a technology is, the more companies can develop proprietary products that help them gain an edge,” Read More

Information regarding the new iCloud scam

Apple informs about the scam hackers use to get the passwords of iCloud accounts   Apple has issued a security warning for its iCloud storage users after the reports of hackers attacking users in China. The US computer giant did not provide information regarding the origin of the attacks, but there have been more than Read More

The sun shines on Microsoft as figures soar

Despite the financial struggle of Microsoft in the past and its dependence on computer sales and smartphone sales, Microsoft’s latest earnings report shows the company is regaining its value under new CEO Satya Nadella who is pushing the software giant to embrace cloud computing. The Redmond, Wa. company reported fiscal-first quarter earnings of 54 cents Read More

The Cloud argument

Are the arguments against Cloud true or just rumours? 1. New clients are afraid that making the switch to cloud computing will cause a disruption in their business. Cloud computing is easy to use as long as you have the very BASIC knowledge. The argument says that moving to Cloud will disrupt the business, but Read More

Microsoft improves Office 365

Office 365 New Home Page Microsoft is making changes to their Office 365 making it better than before. The new improvement is customisable and in general created to provide a better user experience to their 365 customers. Microsoft wrote on their blog: “You may prefer to use a different start page. Instead of landing on Read More

Shellshock bug

A “deadly serious” bug potentially affecting hundreds of millions of computers, servers and devices has been discovered. The bug has been found In in many Linux systems as well as Mac Operating system. The bug can be used to remotely take control of most systems using Bash. BBC Has written: “Some experts said it was Read More

Russian hackers strike

There have been several breaches in security in major U.S financial institutions. The hackers managed to get through high level of encryption and security to obtain sensitive data. The hackers have been seen as a thread of a very high level and FBI are currently on the case. US departments believe the hackers to be Read More

ICloud security

After the leaks of celebrity nude selfies the blame was put on Apple for not providing high enough protection of the information. The reality is that this iCloud attack actually brings up very important considerations on data security, not only for consumers, but for any enterprise that uses the cloud: When using services such as ICloud always make Read More

Apple sets a new sales record

The Apple IPhone 6 has broken its previous record which was set in 2012 by selling over four million models of the new IPhone 6 in 24 hours. MailOnline gives an estimate of the retail prices quoting: “The phones, which start at $199, will also be available on a walk-in basis beginning Friday at Apple retail Read More