Cisco enterprise management tools take on new network realities

Cisco broadened the security and management capabilities of its enterprise products to help IT shops get a better grip on mobile devices, video and changing workforce habits in the week of mid April 2011. With ISE, administrators can use a central console to define policies on organization-owned devices and personal user devices; on networkwide access security and encryption; Read More

Windows 10

Better than Windows 8 or worse? Among the Windows users, many were unsatisfied with Windows 8 and therefore stayed on Windows 7. Microsoft is currently working on Windows 10, but the question is:”Will it be good enough to make people switch to it?” Windows 10 Start Menu The start menu of Windows 10 is a Read More

Half of young workers ready for career switch

Research shows that many people are not satisfied with their current job or their positions. More than 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 30 are considering of changing their career because they are not happy with their current job. Graduates and undergraduates have been unsatisfied with their current job position. The same proportion Read More

Microsoft Headband | The technological revolution

The Microsoft headband was developed in hope to help the visually impaired improve their quality of life. How?   Source: Telegraph

Cisco and Tieto Accelerate the Internet

CHICAGO, IL, October 14, 2014 – Cisco and Tieto, the largest IT services company in the Nordic countries, today announced a global Internet of Everything collaboration. Tieto is the first Nordic company to join the application developer community for Cisco’s IOx, which provides an application platform for running Linux-based software directly on Cisco’s hardened IoT network Read More

Courses update | Wider compatability

Update on our courses In the past all of our courses have been running only on Windows computers and laptops, but this has now changed. All of our courses have been upgraded and now you can do your courses on Mac as well. The requirements to run our courses now are: OS (Operating System)- Windows Read More

Microsoft brings Office to everyone

iPhone and Android tablet customers can tap into the same experience that people with Office for iPad have enjoyed. Now, nearly everyone will be able to get more done, more quickly. Here are the details of the news: New Office for iPhone apps for Word, Exceland PowerPoint offer the same beautiful iPad experience, optimized for the iPhone. Customers can download Read More

Tablets are becoming more popular

Except in Japan, 9 out of 10 employers state that tablets have a major role in their IT strategy. Dell’s tablet group vice-president Neil Hand that the way people work is changing. “Days spent going to a specific place to conduct business are fewer, while more employees are on the move and require access to Read More

Automation ‘Threatens A Third Of UK Jobs’

More than 1/3rd of the UK’s working population is at risk of replacement by machines in the next 20 years. Research led by the professional services group Deloitte found that automation and robotics will cause a “significant shift” in the labour market. It said: “Advances in technology will likely see jobs requiring repetitive processing, clerical and Read More

Job satisfaction in the UK

Nearly 10 million employees in Britain complain that they are not happy with their current employer. In a survey that was carried out by Randstad towards the end of 2013, when asked “how satisfied are you with your current employer?” 33% of the asked people said they were not satisfied with their employer.  With the Read More