Inside Google’s server

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Apple pay is used to commit fraud

“Turning stolen credit card information into cold, hard cash is actually pretty difficult to do online, so it’s not at all surprising that this is happening,” Nielsen said. “In fact, cyber-criminals going after Apple Pay and other new payment technologies was one of our predictions for 2015.” Damien Hugoo, product manager at security specialist Easy Read More

Rapid 7 helps businesses with security

From a metrics perspective, Woolwine said his group will first enumerate the current state of an organization’s capabilities to detect and respond to a breach incident. There are four key areas in the initial enumeration. The first area is incident preparedness—evaluating whether an organization understands what technology assets and data are in place that need Read More

Best Graphic cards for your money

1. Sapphire HD 7770 GHz Edition £90 (around USD $147, AUD $163) Mid-range card So, it’s come to this. The cheapest card here and therefore an automatic berth in room 12 of the Budleigh Salterton Twilight Rest Home for the Terminally Short of Cash. It’s the sort of thing Edmund Blackadder would say were he Read More

Data#3 has upped its profit

The company has announced that net profit after tax grew 39.2 percent to AU$3.6 million for the first half of the 2015 financial year. At the same time, revenue was up 1.8 percent to AU$406.4 million, and gross profit increased by 8.6 percent to AU$62.4 million for the half year.   The results for 1H15 Read More

Google fights the US Goverment

Google has condemned proposals that will allow the US government to remotely search computers anywhere in the world. An advisory committee plans to change the way search warrants are issued by federal and state judges. The amendment would let the US government obtain a warrant to conduct ‘remote access’ searches of electronic storage media if Read More

Microsoft now allows you to save your files into all storage services

The latest example: The Office app for iPhones and iPads can now save your documents to Apple’s new cloud storage service, iCloud Drive, along with other cloud services providers, including Box, Google Drive, and any other service that decides to enable integration with Microsoft Office. In the update of the Microsoft Office app, the locations menu will allow Read More

Superfish is a new way to make it easier for hackers to hack you

The software allows hackers to impersonate the security certificates of encrypted websites, allowing them to potentially see and steal private data. This is possible because the Superfish adware breaks HTTPS – or encrypted – connections to serve up product information. This inadvertently opens up a back door to hackers. While the site visited appears secure, Read More

Will Windows 10 launch in June

Microsoft’s Windows 10 development process is moving along at a rapid pace. Since its official announcement last September, the Redmond-based company has published multiple technical previews and shared a wealth of otherimportant information relating to its next major operating system. As we inch closer and closer to its inevitable public release, it’s natural to question when it’ll actually be ready. According to sources Read More

Intel is due to release a pocket sized PC

Intel has released a new computer which is the size of a memory stick and is plugged in the HDMI socket of a TV and it converts your TV into a computer. The Intel computer will be with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and there will be 2 versions. One with Windows 8.1, 32GB Storage space and Read More